Rap про неправильные глаголы

Неправильные глаголы английского языка в Hip-Hop исполнении слушайте и запоминайте неправильные глаголы. К клипу прилагается текст песни.

The microphone I TAKE (took, TAKen). You SHAKE (shook, SHAken).
WAKE (woke, WOken) to the STYLE I'm creAting.
THINK (thought, THOUGHT). SEEK (sought, SOUGHT).
LISten to the LESson that I TEACH (taught, TAUGHT).

Don't SLEEP (slept, SLEPT). I CREEP (crept, CREPT).
I SNEAK (snuck, SNUCK) UP. You LEAP (leapt, LEAPT).
I KEEP (kept, KEPT) HAVing FUN.
I'm never BEAT (beat, BEAten); I WIN (won, WON).
DO (did, DONE). BeGIN (began, beGUN).
SHOOT (shot, SHOT) — no, I DON'T own a GUN.
I LEAD (led, LED) so I can FEED (fed, FED).
the KNOWledge you NEED, STRAIGHT to your HEAD.
When I BRING (brought, BROUGHT) it, you CATCH (caught, CAUGHT) it.
Sit BACK reLAX. Dont FIGHT (fought, FOUGHT) it.

Please don't FREEZE (froze, FROzen) when I SPEAK (spoke, SPOken).
Its REAL. You can FEEL I don't STEAL (stole, STOlen).
I CHOOSE (chose, CHOsen) the VERy best RHYMES
and WRITE (wrote, WRITten) them INto my LINES and INto your MIND.
When we MEET (met, MET)
I'll BET (bet, BET) I won't LET you forGET (forGOT, forGOTten).
I GET (got, GOTten) EVery head NODding.
Dont THINK about STOPping.
Just COME (came, COME).
THIS is hip hop. I don't SING (sang, SUNG).
I STING (stung, STUNG). I CLING (clung, CLUNG).
On EACH and every WORD, you HANG (hung, HUNG).

It's not enough to DREAM (dreamt, DREAMT);
you've got to SPEND (spent, SPENT) TIME on your GOALS.
Please LEND (lent, LENT) me your EAR.
Come NEAR and I'll LAY (laid, LAID) DOWN this new SOUND that I MAKE (made, MADE).
I HOPE you don't SAY that you THINK its JUNK.
I HOPE you don't THINK that I STINK (stank, STUNK).
If you're THIRSty for ENGlish, come DRINK (drank, DRUNK).
because I SINK (sank, SUNK) ALL compeTItion when they
HEAR (heard, HEARD) that I GIVE (gave, GIVen) encouragement when I SPIT (spat, SPAT).
Never QUIT (quit, QUIT); don't SIT (sat, SAT).
Yeah, I LIKE it like THAT. I'll even KNEEL (knelt, KNELT).
and BEG you to exPRESS what you FEEL (felt, FELT).

I RISE (rose, RISen) when I DRIVE (drove, DRIVen) through the BEAT;
tap your FEET as you RIDE (rode, RIDden).
Those that HIDE (hid, HIDden) I FIND (found, FOUND).
If you FLEE (fled, FLED) then I'll TRACK you DOWN.

Now you SEE (saw, SEEN) that I MEAN (meant, MEANT)
every WORD of the MESsage that I SEND (sent, SENT).
I SHOW (showed, SHOWN) I can FLY (flew, FLOWN).
Now you KNOW (knew, KNOWN) I SHINE (shone, SHONE).
I'll THROW (threw, THROWN) you the BALL. Its your TURN.
To GROW (grew, GROWN) with the VERBS that you've LEARNED.
GRAMmar through LYRics I DRAW (drew, DRAWN).
PEACE to elLS, now I GO (went, GONE)!

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